Flexitank- Solutions

We as a independent service provider offer our customers and Flexitank-Provider a comprehensive service and advice. For almost every problem we can offer a solution.

  • We take care oft the fitting.
  • Store your equipment
  • Assistance for loading / unloading, heating.
  • Liquefy products, even in Flexitanks
  • Transhipping into/out of Flexitanks in Tank Truck, Tanker, Tankcontainer, IBC, Barrels, available mobile or at our depot
  • Crosspump for liquids with a viscosity up to 7000 mPas is possible 
  • Lift on / Lift off and storage of 20" Containern
  • Others on request.
  • Delivery of adapters, hoses and fitting materials, etc.
  • Guidiance and support for planing a loading station for flexitanks
  • Removing and diposal of flexitanks
  • Oganize of conection transport in DC,TW,TC, Truck, IBC
  • Training of personnel in handling of Flexitanks
  • Support in technical questions and problem-setting
  • Bulk-Head production according to customers instruction.